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headphones brandsOne of the reasons people spend so much time researching what pair of headphones to buy is because there are literally thousands of options on the market. If you have determined your brands of interest, then these top headphones by brand lists are for you. We have put together a list of the top headphone brands. The list includes everything from inexpensive headphones brand names like Sony to high end Audaze headphones. Once you have determined which is the best brand of headphones to buy you can easily move to ask what are the best Bose headphones?

Are you looking to spend under $100 of your new headphones? Maybe you are willing to make a larger investment with a pair of headphones costing up to $250 or $500? Perhaps you need a high quality specialty set under $1000. But, maybe none of these options will do to achieve the level of sound quality needed. If that is the case, we have created a list of the best headphones for the money by brand, no matter the price.

Best Headphone Brands (alphabetically):


When you purchase Audeze headphones, you are buying a piece of art. Designed and build with expert craftsmanship, the sound produced is incredibly immersive and pure. Audeze adheres to a extremely high quality standard and because of this you can rest assured that the product line is packed with the latest in headphone technological developments.


Established in 1962, Audio-Technica has been devoted to high end audio hardware ever since. Their impeccable sound attributes are accessible at a value that any enthusiastic audiophile can afford. First time sound aficionados to sound engineers can sharpen their listening ability with Audio-Technica headphones.


Every list of the most popular headphone brands has Beats prominently placed. They are a staple of the cool headphone trend. Now owned by Apple who has perfected the design, Beats headphone are specially crafted for bass focused audio.


Beyerdynamic delivers the best in hifi headphone technology by offering high quality headphones for both studio and high end music users. These products range from robust over ear headphones to technologically sophisticated in ear over ear headphones.


One of the newcomers to the headphone market is Bluedio. The brand focuses on fashionable designs which tend to be unique different from others in the space. Bluedio is not one of the better known headphone manufacturers but the company has a wide range of options available.


Bose is continually developing audio technology at the pinnacle of the spectrum. Besides innovative Bose headphones in a number of categories, the company is well known for their high quality speaker systems.


If you have spent time researching, you likely have come across vented diaphragm headphones. These headphones make use of an air chamber to lower the frequency distortion and increases the bass. Grado headphones can easily be your first entry level hifi headphones to be used in place of a high end sound system.


Another leader in the high end part of the market is HiFiMAN. The company is known for not only their headphones, but also their portable audio devices.  One easily noticeable fact about this brand is how highly regarded their products are in the headphone community on forums and in reviews. Sound quality tends to be the dominantly referenced feature here thanks to high end sound engineering. The planar magnetic headphones HiFiMAN has created are a joy to listen to music on. Thanks to trades secrets, the product is designed in a fashion that is unique only to their brand.


A leader in technology for microphones, Sennheiser has developed to of the line aviation headsets. Consistently high reviews are characteristic of this high quality manufacturer of quality headphones. Sennheiser was established in the 1940s in Germany on the heels of the end of the war by a group of engineers. From the beginning, the brand has focused on excellence which remains true to this day.


Shure has established itself as a leading audio equipment brand in the market. The latest of its endeavors being the popular headphones it offers. When it comes to providing the best quality headphones with the latest in advanced technology, Shure has always come out as victorious.


Sony is one of the original behemoths as far as mainstream headphones are concerned. Sony has always proved itself to be a winner when it comes to adapting to the changing technologies starting way back with the original walkman player to today’s technology. Sony headphones have taken the market by storm for their extremely advanced features and high sound quality. You can find the right headphone in every price range.

V Moda:

The new entrée into the competitive world of headphones, V-Moda already has a fan following of their Italian design. The unique state of the art of technology that is premier to the V-Moda headphones has made them a brand to watch out for in little time at all. The brand gleams in the glory of editor’s choice award for its brilliant sound quality.


Yamaha headphones have managed to steer the audience for years with superior quality. The brand is best known for music systems and sound deck systems, but the headphones they produce are no less impressive with high end sound quality.