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best in ear headphonesIn-ear headphones are one of the more commonly used types of headphones on the market. Anyone who has a cellphone recognizes the classic Apple earbuds or Samsung earbuds because they come with phone purchases. Fortunately, there are many additional options other than mass produced earbud sets. Our top inear headphones list includes options from noise-cancelling earbuds, earbuds with a microphone and even hifi in-ear headphones.

But, choosing your in-ear headphones is an intense process. We all have distinctive tastes, spending plans, and needs. Not to mention that there are a large number of models to look over. To make matters worse, there is an ever increasing number of brands available. There good news is, this means there is bound to be an option that works for you. With such differing choices ranging from $10 to $1,000, there’s no dearth of in ear headphones to browse.

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Pros and Cons of In Ear headphones

Apple Bluetooth HeadphonePros of in ear headphones:

Bluetooth compatibility: Thanks to Apple moving to including bluetooth earbuds with every iPhone, wireless in ear headphones are now becoming much more common. Even if they are sometimes stylistically odd, there is certainly a value to not dealing with annoying wires.

Compact design:In ear headphones are the most compact of the headphone options available. Being small and lightweight, they are extremely easy to transport making them ideal for travel, sports and any on the go needs.

Ideal for sports: Our site has a section dedicated to workout headphones. Even so, we would be remised to not include how great in ear headphones are for exercise. Larger headphone designs just are not easy to use when exercising. In ear headphones are the ideal solution.

Noise cancelling: Noise reduction technology is a common feature in most headphones today. Earbuds take it to a whole new level because since they sit in-ear, the benefit is amplified and maintained even when on the move.

Samsung earbudsCons of in ear headphones:

Compact Design: While of the primarily benefits of in-ear headphones is their compactness, it is also their most significant flaw. Nearly everyone has lost at least a pair which can be extremely frustrating, particularly if you made a significant investment.

Sound Experience:When is comes to sound quality, bigger is better when it comes to headphones. In ear headphones by their very nature will never be able to compete with the majority of quality over ear headphones which have more powerful drivers for a better sound experience.

Tangled wires: I don’t know about you, but one of the most annoying features of in ear headphones are the wires. It seems to never matter how delicately you wrap them up, they ALWAYS find a way to get tangled. Bluetooth in ear headphones do not have this issue, thankfully.