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On Ear HeadphonesOn-ear headphones are one of the best solutions available for those on the go. Built to be lightweight, comfortable and extremely compact, these headphones are offered in both wireless and wired styles. While they are certainly not an audiophile’s dream, many on ear headphones can hold their own. If you’re looking for a great set of headphones for travel, a pair of this type will work great.



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Pros and Cons of On Ear headphones

Unlike earbuds, on ear headphones do not go in the ear but instead rest right on the ear. The bands tend to be pretty flexible too so it doesn’t matter if your bald or a mop head!

Pros of On Ear headphones:

Higher Quality Sound: Thanks to larger construction, on ear headphones will produce far superior sound to in ear headphones.

Lightweight but Powerful Design: Arguably the top pro is the fact that they are more powerful than earbuds without having too much additional bulk.

Long Lasting Battery: The batteries used in on ear headphones are large enough to hold a significant charge, good for hours of uninterrupted listening.

Cons of On Ear headphones:

Reduced Portability: On ear headphones are more portable than over ear counterparts. Unfortunately, they are far more difficult to use on the go in comparison to earbuds. You cannot store them in a pocket, or loose in your bag.

Sound Experience: Due to the design of on ear headphone, noise can easily find its way into the ear drums. This is particularly true when moving around.

Best on ear headphones by price 2018:

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