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Foldable headphones are one of the best travel companions you can buy. They can pack a powerful punch when you need then, be it in a car, train or plane. When it’s time to put away the headphones, you can quickly fold them up and pack them away. Foldable headphones typically come with a durable soft carrying case which makes them exceptionally easy to store away. This subset of headphones includes a huge range of pricing options so there is an ideal headphone option for any buyer.Audio-Technica ATH-ES7 Headphones

Have you ever wished you had more compact headphones? The most commonly discussed downsides of most sets of the best headphones are their size. You have battled with huge, immense headphones which you adore yet can’t bear due to their size. Foldability makes the headphones more convenient. On the off chance that you have studio gear at home, foldable headphones will fit flawlessly on the stage instead of general headphones. We find in passing how a portion of our best headphones are foldable. Be that as it may, we needed to make a restrictive rundown of the best foldable headphones for people searching particularly for these.

Best Foldable Headphones overall 2018:

What are the pros and cons of the foldable headphones?


Collapsibility: The primary advantage of the foldable headphones is transportability. Collapsing up a large portion of the headphones decreases their size by 25%-50%. In the event that these are full-sized headphone cans, envision how much room you can save. You will be confident about taking them to work or when traveling.

Minimalistic: Foldable headphones are minimal. They take up far less space. In the event that you have a messy music blending work area, foldable headphones give you more space to stow your things.

Choices: Foldable headphones come in a number of different variates: on-ear, over-ear and so on.. There are a considerable measure of Bluetooth headphones which are foldable. You likewise get foldable headphones in commotion scratching off specialty.


Lack of Compactness: A few headphones are foldable but they aren’t actually that compact in light of their gigantic earcups. All things considered you would simply be paying additional for foldability when you don’t get much from the benefit.

Poor Construction: Foldable headphones with poor construction can quickly give in to the wear and tear of nonstop collapsing and unfurling. This won’t be an issue with high quality headphone sets, comprised of those on our list.

AKG Foldable Headphones

6 factor to take into account when buying foldable headphones:

We dug in to determine the 6 features that the best foldable headphones all have in come. Many are not surprising, but a few, such as strength, may be!

1. Audio Quality: Since foldability is the primary need of searching for these headphones we looked over an extensive variety of sound marks. These sound wonderful and agreeable. From warm audiophile sound reaction to a smooth easygoing audience’s mark, we have secured everything. We watched that the bass didn’t twist or treble didn’t have any sibilance with splendid tunes.

2. Comfort: The minimization and movability of these best foldable headphones doesn’t come at the cost of solace. Some of them additionally include in our Most agreeable headphones list. The majority of these are over-ear headphones since those are more agreeable.

3. Other Features: Foldability is the primary focus but there are other features to take into account. Noise Cancelling is the most commonly requested, bluetooth, inline controls, ability to replace the cans are all important factors to take into account depending on your needs.

4. Price: There are lots of options on the market at a number of different price points. Only you can decide on how much you want to spend but this is certainly an important criteria.

5. Strength: Foldability frequently comes at the cost of toughness. Some plastic headphones can’t shoulder the heaviness of moving earcups. The joints are the weakest connection on foldable headphones, so we ensured the best ones are uniquely strengthened in these.

6. Versatility: The best foldable headphones canvassed here crease in a way that makes them more convenient. Like we said before they all have collapsing arms. Some of them additionally have collapsing earcups.