What to Consider When Looking For the Best Bluetooth Headphones?

Bose Wireless HeadphonesFrom wired to wireless, it has been a long journey of technological advancements in bluetooth headphones. The extent to which the technology has added comfort and convenience to one’s life is noteworthy. Can you imagine not having bluetooth in your car, for example? The advent of Bluetooth has taken the world of technology by storm. One such use case offered by wireless Bluetooth technology is for headphones.

Wireless headphones are a must have accessory that can be found in any audiophile’s collection. You can forget about the tangled ball of wires when you have a set of high-quality wireless Bluetooth headphones. Ok, so you have decided that convenience and reduced frustration are you for you. Now the question is how to choose the best Bluetooth headphones out of endless options available.

This guide will help you to determine certain attributes that need to be considered before you buy a pair of Bluetooth headphones. Here are the 7 most important factors when buying bluetooth headphones:

  • 1) Accessible Pricing: Pricing is a leading factor for many purchasers of headphones. While price level does not move in lockstep with quality, there is certainly a strong correlation. Keep this in mind when purchasing. Typically you can expect the life of well cared for headphones to move up with price, with sets in the 100s of dollars lasting for years without decreased performance.
  • 2) Compatibility and Connections: Bluetooth headphones are such that they can be paired with almost every device, be it your tablet or your Smartphone. But, not all technology is created equal. Ensuring that a stable connection is offered is of the utmost importance. Another thing to look for is the number of connections your headset can support. We prefer headphones that can support 2 simultaneous connections, allowing you to listen with a friend without the need for a splitter.
  • 3) Enhanced Comfort: The band that supports your wireless headphones should be stiff yet flexible enough to fit on your head comfortably. Also, the ear pads should be soft and easy on the ears. There is something amazing about putting on over ear headphones that fit just right, and that is even before you turn on the tunes! If it is in-ear headphones you are exploring, then you want to find ear tips that conform to every ear size and shape. Look for adaptable headphones that fit perfectly on the ears and can be adjusted for the perfect sound experience.
  • 4) High End Technology: The best Bluetooth headphones are the ones that make use of the latest technology. Popular headphone brands have been working hard to embed interesting new features in headphones and taking the market by storm. You can find features such as built-in mic, incoming call voice notifications, easy volume control options, battery notifications on your Smartphone, and quick pairing options.
  • 5) Incredible Sound Quality: This is the most important criteria in our opinion as this is the sole purpose of any headphones. An audiophile knows the importance that quality holds in driving a great sound experiences. Look for Bluetooth headphones that offer crystal clear sound along with a true bass experience. If you are immersed in your music and forget that you are even using headphones, you have hit the jackpot.
  • 6) Offers Noise Cancellation: The reduction of noise is one priority that is never overlooked by those looking for the perfect headphone. We suggest always choosing a Bluetooth headphone that offers noise cancellation. Sometimes you will have the option between active noise cancelling and passive noise cancelling. Here at Best Headphones For The Money, we tend to side with passive noise cancellation because it can dramatically extend your battery life.  
  • 7) Sweatproof: A good set should be sweat resistant. A common function of Bluetooth headphones is use when jogging, walking or working out in a gym. All of these activities lead to sweating that can’t be controlled. Engineering for  sweat resistance makes sure that the internal mechanisms in your Bluetooth headset does not get damaged when it comes in contact with perspiration running down your forehead.

There you have it, 7 features that when combined into one pair of headphones make a superb choice. When exploring the best Bluetooth headphones, do not overlook the these features!

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